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10 Facts That You Thought Were True That Are Actually Wrong

brain imaging
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Most facts are passed down from parents to children and so on, but how many of them are actually true? Well it turns out that most people would have mistaken the facts on this list to be true, but they are not.

The Great Wall Of China can not be seen from space

Ok, so we all know that great wall of China is big… really big. It actually stretches over 1,500 miles. Despite it’s incredible size, no astronauts have ever reported being able to see it from low orbit let alone from space. In fact, once you’re over 180 miles up you can’t see the wall at all.

great wall of china

Dropping a penny from the top of a tall building will not kill someone

As children I think most of us were told that if someone were to drop a penny from the top of a very tall building, it would kill the person that it hits on the ground below. The TV show Mythbusters actually proved that a falling penny only reaches a terminal velocity of 50 miles per hour which means that it won’t pick up enough speed to crack a human skull. It would more than likely give someone nothing more than a slight sting.

penny drop tall building

We do not use just 10% of our brains

Brain imaging has shown that we actually use all of our brains. When a human brain is scanned there are no areas that are unused. The myth is more popular with psychics but it is totally untrue. Brain function isn’t localised and we use different parts of our brains for different functions.

brain imaging

Dog’s don’t sweat through salivating

It is a common myth that dogs sweat through their tongue, which is why we see them drooling and panting with their tongues hanging out. But they don’t actually sweat through their mouthes but through many different sweat glads all over their body with the main ones being located in the pads of their feet.


Humans have more than 5 senses

The most commonly known senses are sight, smell, taste, hearing and touch, but we have lots more. We also have a sense of balance, body temperature and a sense of time to name but a few. In fact, experts believe that we have up to twenty.


Alcohol does not warm you up

Many people believe that alcohol warms you up but alcohol actually makes you colder over time. It dilates the blood vessels which forces the blood closer to the surface. When the cold air steals this heat, people get colder and could eventually become hypothermic.


Bulls are not enraged by the colour red

Matadors have been waving red carpets in front of bulls to get them to charge for hundreds of years. Over time this has led people to believe that bulls are enraged by the colour red. Actually bulls are completely colourblind and charge at the carpets more because of the movement that it makes than the colour it is.


Human beings did not evolve from chimps

Although humans and chimps have evolved from a common ancestor, we did not evolve from chimps. Millions of years ago the common ancestor split into two separate linages and eventually became apes (gorillas and chimps) and hominids, the precursor to human beings.


You can put birds back into their nests

The common belief is that if you touch a baby bird and then put it back into it’s nest, the mother will reject it. This however, is not true. Although messing with a birds nest will temporarily cause the mother to flee, this will be due to visual senses and not smell, so the mother will come back to the nest and not abandoned her young.

birds nest

Goldfish do not have short memories

Anyone who has ever said that they have the memory of a goldfish may not know that a goldfish actually has a really good memory. Scientists who have studied them believe that they actually have a memory of up to three months.


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