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10 Horrific Crimes Commited By Kids

Murder house
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All children make mistakes, it’s how we learn as humans. Children are taught right from wrong at a very young age and by the time they reach a certain age, they know that actions have consiquensies. Most of the kids on this list were old enough to know that what they were doing was very wrong and would have both an aweful outcome and long punishments. There were a few who thought that they could get away with it, and there were some who didn’t care. Here are 10 horrific crimes committed by kids.

10. Erin Caffey

Erin Caffey was 16 when she wanted to spend more time with her boyfriend, James Wilkinson, but her parents were not happy with the relationship and told her that she was not to see the boy again. Unhappy with her parents decision, Erin began to plan the murder of her parents and brothers. In March 2008, Erin’s boyfriend and his best friend attacked the family home in the early hours of the morning. Her mother was killed and her father badly hurt. Erin’s two younger brothers, Matthew (13) and Tyler (8) were also killed. Matthew was shot in the head and Tyler was stabbed by Erin’s Boyfriend and his friend. The three then set the house on fire in an attempt to burn the evidence.

All three of the teens pleaded guilty and took a plea deal. Erin was sentenced to two consecutive life centences and will not be eligible for parole until she has served roughly 40 years of her sentence.

Erin caffey

9. Joshua Smith

When Joshua Smith was 14 years old, he shot and killed his mother as she slept on the couch. Joshua’s mother, Tamiko Robinson had enforced an 11pm curfew after her son was coming home all hours of the night and hanging out with a gang in his home town in Detroit. His mother was a hardworking woman who tried to steer her soon in the right direction and keep him away from gangs.

After hearing his mother’s new rules, Joshua stormed out of the house but later came back and went straight into his bedroom. At three am the next morning, Joshua came out of his bedroom and shot his mother several times as she was sleeping. He tried to escape in a car but was captured and arrested by the police.

Joshua smith

8. Unnamed Girl

A 15 year old girl, who like most people her age was obsessed with her iPhone, was being disciplined by her single father who took the phone off her to teach her a lesson. The girl who claimed that she had to be attached to her phone at all times reacted badly to the punishment and attacked her father by shooting him with a hunting bow, severely injuring his torso. The girl refused to call 911 for her father and the man had to crawl and drive to a neighbour to get help. The girl was charged with first degree assault.

teen on iphone

7. Unnamed Teenage Boy

A 15 year old boy who was the only biological child of a woman who had adopted 5 other children was an honor student and an overall good kid. When his mother went out leaving him in charge of his younger siblings, she returned home to find the body of her 4 year old son and called the police. The two other children including the 15 year old boy were reported as missing. The 10 year old was later found dead in the basement and the 15 year was traced to a nearby town where he was arrested on suspicion of murder. Both the 10 year old and the 4 year old had been stabbed.

6. 12 Year Old Boy

Alfo Munoz gave his girlfriend’s son a .22 caliber gun and trained the 12 year old boy to use it in an emergency. The boy’s mother had been arguing with her son and left the house. When Sara Madrid returned, her son shot her with the gun and handed it back to his step father. The boy was later found guilty of murder.

Murderer kid

5. Unnamed 4 year Old

A four year old boy from Saudi Arabia had asked his father to get him a PlayStation 3 when he went out. When his father returned without the gadget, the 4 year old little boy had a temper tantrum and shot him in the back while he was undressing.

play station 3

4. Troy Baily

Two year old Troy Baily was playing in his home when he spotted a gun laying about. Thinking that it was a toy water pistol, the toddler picked up the gun and pointed it at his mother, pulling the trigger and killing Julia Bennett. The story however is not completely clear with many people questioning whether a 2 year old would be physically able to pull the trigger and fire the weapon.

Troy Baily

3. The Medicine Hat Girl

A thirteen year old girl known as the Medicine Hat Girl (named after the Canadian town she lived in) was accused of killing her entire family. The girl was dating a much older man of 23 called Jeremy Steinke.

One night the teenage girl had called her boyfriend and told him that her mother had “been mean” to her. Jeremy went straight over to the house and killed the girl’s mother and father. The 13 year old used a large knife to kill her 8 year old brother before stealing her mothers purse, withdrawing money and hiding in her boyfriends trailer. She was sentenced to six years in prison on one count of first degree murder.

Murder house

2. Two brothers

In Edlington, England, two brothers aged 10 and 11 were playing in a park when they lured two children of a similar age from a playground that they were all playing in. The boys assaulted the children with bricks, sticks and glass and burned them with cigarettes. One of the two children were sexually assaulted in the horrific attack. The victims were presumed dead when they were found because of the severity of their injuries. When the brothers were questioned about the assault, they told the police that they only stopped the attack because their arms were aching.

Police officers in Edling

1. Nehemiah Griego

Nehemiah Griego was 15 years old when he shot and killed his family in 2013. Homeschooled along with his siblings by his parents, Griego loved guns and often dressed up in army clothes and walked around the house. One Saturday morning, Griego said that his mother had been annoying him, so in response, he picked up a gun and shot her in the head. He then went and showed the corpse to his brother who started crying. Griego then picked up an AR-15 rifle and shot his brother and two sisters. When his father arrived home, he shot him too.

Later that day, Griego went to his local church and told the staff what he had done. He was arrested and charged with two counts of murder and 3 counts of child abuse leading to death.

Nehemiah Griego

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