22 Facts That You Didn’t Know About Orange Is The New Black

orange is the new black
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The Netflix Origianal smash hit Orange is the New Black had millions of fans all over the world. People follow the actors on social media and seem to know a lot about them, but there will be a few things on this list that you won’t know.

orange is the new black

1. The actress who plays Yoga Jones was the voice of Patty Mayonnaise on Doug.

2. Pablo Schreiber, who plays “Pornstashe” Mendez, is Liev Schriebers half brother in real life.

3. In season 1 episode 3 Laverne Cox’s (Sophia) real life twin brother played her pre- transition in the flash back.

4. Jodie Foster directed the episode with the twins.

5. Morello, played by Yael Stone is actually Australian.

6. Actress Uzo Aduba who plays crazy eyes, actually looks like this in real life.

7. In episode 7, the bartender is actress Lindsay Felton who played Caitlin in Nickleodeon’s Caitlin’s Way.

8. This is the real Piper and the real Larry.

9. The real Piper and Larry were once in a magazine having their wardrobe reorganised.

10. The real Larry wrote a modern love piece in the New York Times.

11. In the pilot episode, Larry uses an American Pie reference. “I’ll tell you everything. The webcam horror, the penis shaving incident.”

12. Fans of Stark Trek will recognise Red, actress Kate Mulgrew as captain Kathryn Janeway.

13. When Red and Nicky were talking, there was a Star Trek reference with Nicky saying, “I thought I was like your Spock.”

14. The music for the opening credits was written and preformed for the show by Regina Spektor.

15. The man from season one, episode 12 looked very similar to Leonardo DiCaprio.

16. The scar we see on Nicky, played by Natasha Lyonne, is actually a real scar the actress had from surgery in 2012.

17. In one of the episodes Jason Biggs is watching Weeds which was created by the creator of Orange Is The New Black, Jenji Kohan.

18. Natasha Lyonne, Pablo Schreiber and Michael Harney all made appearances on Weeds.

19. Taryn Manning who plays Pennsatucky is cousins with Eli and Payton Manning.

20. Laura Prepon and Lauren Lapkus were also co-stars on NBC’s Are You There, Chealsea.

21. Taylor Schilling, who plays Piper Chapman, looks like Jared Leto.

22. Matt McGorry, who plays CO Bennet used to be a body builder and personal trainer.

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