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Norwegian Town Rjukan Creates Sunlight With Mirrors

rjukan Sun mirrors
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Rjukan is a small town in Norway that lies deep in a valley, surrounded by mountains. Because of the mountains, the town has no direct sunlight on it for 6 months of the year, making the whole town look dark and uninviting. The idea of using mirrors to bounce the sunlight onto the town was first thought of about a hundred years ago, but the people at the time had no idea how to make the idea a reality.

sun mirrors

In 2013, 3 mirrors were lifted onto the mountain by helicopter and placed on the mountain, about 450 meters above the centre of town. The mirrors are controlled by a computer and follow the path of the sun so that they are always shining a patch of light down on Rjukan.

sun mirrors

The small town now has a patch of light shining down in the centre where the locals can enjoy some natural light until the summer arrives and the sun can finally hit the rest of the town.

via The Guardian

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