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  • pancake art

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    Amazing Pancake Art That’s Too Good To Eat

    Many of us like a pancake breakfast before the start of a long day. I’m lucky if mine come out unburned and in more or less of a roundish shape, however this guy has taken pancakes to a whole other level. It’s not exactly the fastest way to make a pancake for breakfast, but I […]

  • Human Screaming Cake

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    A Cake From China Screams When You Cut Into It

    Cakes are an awesome addition to any special event or celebration, but how would you feel if the cake was actually screaming in pain as you cut into it? This cake is made to look like a human body and a dude willing to sit under a table with his head poking though makes all of the noises […]

  • Krispy Kreme


    8 Everyday Foods That Have More Sugar Than A Krispy Kreme Donut

    We are constantly being told about eating to much sugar and how some foods are very bad for us and others are healthy. So if someone offered you a Krispy Kreme donut or a granola bar and asked you to pick the healthy one, you would pick the granola bar, right? Well as it turns […]

  • Glamburger


    Hungry? How About The Worlds Most Expensive Burger?

    We all know burgers as a piece of beef with some lettuce, tomatoes maybe some onions and mayo on the top, but a chef in Chelsea, England has come up with a burger that will set you back a whopping £1,100 or $1,650. Chris Large, the head chef at the restaurant Honky Tonk said the […]