22 Places With Very Unusual Names

town name
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Most places in the world have average names that we don’t even think twice about, but there are some places that have the most strange, funny and even rude names. The places on this list are all real and really do exist. Living in one of them would be great as a kid in school when you get to write a rude word everyday without into trouble for it.

1. Apocalypse Peaks – A group of peaks in Antarctica

2. Bastardtown – In County Wexford, Ireland

3. Bell End – A village in Worcestershire, England

4. Bitch Mountain – A summet in Essex County, New York, USA

5. Chicken – A former mining village in Alaska

6. Cocks – A village in Cornwall, England
town name

7. Dildo – A town in Newfoundland, Canada
town name

8. Erect – In Randolph County, North Carolina

9. Fucking – A town in Austria

10. Hooker – A town in Oklahoma, USA
town name

11. Intercourse – Pennsylvania

12. Hospital – A village in Ireland

13. Normal – A town in Illinois, USA

14. Obama – A town in Fukui Perfecture, USA

15. Rectum – A hamlet in the municipality of Wierden, Netherlands
town name

16. Wankers Corner – A village in Oregon, USA

17. Yell – An Island in Shetland, Scotland

18. Zigzag – A town in Oregon, USA

19. Gorsafawddacha’idraigodanheddogleddoll├┤npenrhynareurdraethceredigion – A place in North Wales, UK

20. Slave Lake – A town in Alberta, Canada

21. Rottenegg – A small town in Austria

22. Pussy – A village in the Rhone Alps

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