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    8 Things You Never Knew Were Invented By Kids

    Children and teens have a free and open mind that make them the best at coming up with new ideas. Having no worries about bills, work and other shit things about adult life, their minds are free to come up with amazing ideas that most adults would never think of. The young people on this […]

  • first youtube video

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    The First Ever YouTube Video

    It’s estimated that there are now around 100 million videos hosted on YouTube, so it’s hard to imagine that the site started off with a single video. The video below was uploaded on April 2005 and is the first one ever to be uploaded to YouTube.

  • one eye surfing cat

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    One Eyed Cat Loves To Surf

    Most cats hate water and will do anything to get away from it. Ever tried to give a cat a bath? Yeah, it never usually works out and the cat ends up running around the house soaking wet. This cat is the complete opposite and loves the water, especially when riding a surf board. The […]

  • stone house

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    10 Of The Most Unusual Houses In The World

    With most houses looking the same or at least very similar, it’s rare that we see something that really makes you go wow. The ten houses on this list are anything but your normal home but are all homes that people actually live in. Some are more extreme than others, but I think that it […]