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  • travel baby

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    Meet The World’s Youngest Backpacker

    Many of us dream about travelling the world and exploring different countries and cultures, but most of us do it as adults or even during retirement. Esme was just 10 weeks old when she boarded her first plane on the start of her travels that took her all over the world on the trip of […]

  • Kids Letters


    9 Hilarious Letters From Kids

    We’ve all written letters and cards when we were kids, and apart from the spelling mistakes that are actually quite cute. The kids letters featured on this list are not only cute, but are actually really, really funny. Here are 9 hilarious letters from Kids.

  • boy and dog

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    17 Adorable Photos Of Kids With Their Pets

    There’s nothing sweeter than a photo of a child with their best friend. Combining children and animals in the same photo knocks the cuteness level up to 100 and makes everyone that looks at them go “Aww.” So if you’re having a bad day, or just need a little break from the everyday stress of […]

  • Temper Tantrum

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    Little Girl Has Temper Tantrum Because She’s Not 4

    Children lose their temper over the smallest things, especially when they’re young, but this little girl has one that is so ridiculous it’s actually really funny. Unlike most children, the girl isn’t crying over not getting a toy or being told that she can’t do something, she’s crying because she wants to be four and […]

  • Dog Gets A Puppy For His Birthday

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    Adorable Dog Gets A Puppy For His Birthday

    Golden Doodle Rhett gets a birthday present that would make most humans green with jealousy, a golden doodle puppy called Scarlett. His reaction is priceless, watching him run around and play with the new puppy you can tell that they are going to be best friends forever.

  • princess charlotte now


    How Adorable Is Princess Charlotte

    Since the birth of the little Princess in May, the world has been obsessed with the new addition to the Royal Family of Great Britain. Finally here are some photos of Charlotte from the beginning. Princess Charlotte being released from the hospital after her birth With her brother, Prince George On the day of her Christening […]

  • Wally the rabbit


    Meet The World’s Most Famous Rabbit

    Meet Wally, the English Angora rabbit with more than 200k Instagram followers. Wally was born in July 2014 and lives in Massachusetts with his owner, Molly. With his adorable wing like ears and cute face, Wally’s latest video had over 8000 likes with most of his pictures getting at least that amount. Wally appears to have […]