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  • Dog Gets A Puppy For His Birthday

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    Adorable Dog Gets A Puppy For His Birthday

    Golden Doodle Rhett gets a birthday present that would make most humans green with jealousy, a golden doodle puppy called Scarlett. His reaction is priceless, watching him run around and play with the new puppy you can tell that they are going to be best friends forever.

  • Dancing Dog

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    The Dancing Dog That Actually Has Rhythm

    Some of us are good at keeping rhythm and dancing along to the music, while others are not so good, but this amazing little dog has better rhythm than most people. What a party trick to show people when they come over. When your jam comes on, you just have to go with it.

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    Couple Spend $155,000 On A New Puppy

    Anyone dog owner will tell you that you can’t put a price on man’s best friend, but this couple can. When Edgar and Nina Otto’s dog was dying of cancer, the couple decided that they couldn’t bear to be without their best friend and found a company that would clone their beloved pet and for […]