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  • huge pig

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    Meet The Couple And Their 200lb Pet Pig

    Whilst living in the US Virgin Islands, Kristen Hartness adopted a pig that she named Ziggy. Hartness thought that she was adopting a teacup pig that she was told would grow no bigger than 25 pounds and make the perfect travel buddy. Ziggy however, never stopped growing. Well, at least not until he had reached […]

  • wet dog

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    13 Photos Of Wet Dogs Are Funnier Than You Would Ever Think

    Not wanting to take the normal, everyday photos of dogs French Photographer Sophie Gamand forgot about cute puppies and shunting fur coats and took photos of dogs when they were wet. The result is a series of photos that make you laugh. The dogs don’t look to pleased about being photographed mid bath, but it’s […]

  • kids help police

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    Kids Help Police Helicopter Find Suspects

    Amazing footage from a British police helicopter has been released showing a group of children out on an easter egg hunt forming a human arrow to help the police in the helicopter find the suspects that they were chasing. The kids were actually very clever as the suspects had split up and the helicopter was […]

  • nutella souffle

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    Amazingly Simple Nutella Soufflé

    Until a couple of months ago I thought that Nutella was something that you have on toast for breakfast or on a spoon if you were feeling naughty, but I was so wrong. There are so many amazing things that you can make with Nutella. There are videos popping up all over the net with […]

  • Hair baby

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    Baby Born With Amazing Full Head Of Hair

    Lots of babies are born with lots of hair, it’s no big deal, it’s just hair. Well, not in this case. Meet 2 and a half month old Isabelle Kaplan who was born with an amazing amount of thick hair. The photo has taken the Internet by storm with people shocked by the amount of […]

  • Photo

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    33 Amazing Old Photos

    There are millions of photos all over the Internet. Some are funny, some inspiring and some truly amazing. Photos are taken so that we don’t forget and although it would be difficult to forget the events in most of these photos, seeing them printed in black and white is both haunting and incredible. The photos […]

  • crazy getting a shot

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    Funniest Reaction To Getting A Shot Ever

    No kid likes getting a shot but this little girl really, really didn’t like getting hers. She was so scared that she actually didn’t know how to react and wether to laugh, scream or cry. As it turns outs she ends up doing a bit of both and although she didn’t enjoy it, her sibling […]

  • prankster pizza face

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    Prankster Doesn’t Enjoy A Taste Of His Own Medicine

    British prankster Jack Jones has been pranking people and uploading it to his youtube channel and Facebook for a while now and for the most part his victims laugh with him, even though his phone is usually shoved in their face recording the prank and the reaction. But when the prankster is on the other […]