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    Traditional Breakfasts Around The World

    Breakfast varies from home to home and person to person, but every country has a traditional meal that has been passed down from generation to generation. These of course vary greatly in different countries and what someone from one country may think is the perfect breakfast may make someone from another country laugh out loud […]

  • pancake art

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    Amazing Pancake Art That’s Too Good To Eat

    Many of us like a pancake breakfast before the start of a long day. I’m lucky if mine come out unburned and in more or less of a roundish shape, however this guy has taken pancakes to a whole other level. It’s not exactly the fastest way to make a pancake for breakfast, but I […]

  • Krispy Kreme


    8 Everyday Foods That Have More Sugar Than A Krispy Kreme Donut

    We are constantly being told about eating to much sugar and how some foods are very bad for us and others are healthy. So if someone offered you a Krispy Kreme donut or a granola bar and asked you to pick the healthy one, you would pick the granola bar, right? Well as it turns […]