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    9 Hilarious Letters From Kids

    We’ve all written letters and cards when we were kids, and apart from the spelling mistakes that are actually quite cute. The kids letters featured on this list are not only cute, but are actually really, really funny. Here are 9 hilarious letters from Kids.

  • Murder house

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    10 Horrific Crimes Commited By Kids

    All children make mistakes, it’s how we learn as humans. Children are taught right from wrong at a very young age and by the time they reach a certain age, they know that actions have consiquensies. Most of the kids on this list were old enough to know that what they were doing was very […]

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    8 Things You Never Knew Were Invented By Kids

    Children and teens have a free and open mind that make them the best at coming up with new ideas. Having no worries about bills, work and other shit things about adult life, their minds are free to come up with amazing ideas that most adults would never think of. The young people on this […]

  • creepy kid

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    20 Of The Creepiest Things Kids Have Ever Said To Thier Parents

    Children are known for saying cute things, whether it be by telling a parent how much they love them, or pronouncing a word so wrong that it’s actually adorable, but what about the children that say the creepy things to their parents without even knowing it? Here are 20 insainly creepy things that children have said […]

  • Creepy Kids Drawing

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    When Kids Draw Creepy Things

    If you visit any house with a young child, you’ll most likely see some sweet drawings pinned on the fridge or even framed on the wall. Kids can be really funny and can sometimes use drawings to express what’s on their minds, but this is usually a trip to the park or even the excitement of […]