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  • Hair baby

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    Baby Born With Amazing Full Head Of Hair

    Lots of babies are born with lots of hair, it’s no big deal, it’s just hair. Well, not in this case. Meet 2 and a half month old Isabelle Kaplan who was born with an amazing amount of thick hair. The photo has taken the Internet by storm with people shocked by the amount of […]

  • Photo

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    33 Amazing Old Photos

    There are millions of photos all over the Internet. Some are funny, some inspiring and some truly amazing. Photos are taken so that we don’t forget and although it would be difficult to forget the events in most of these photos, seeing them printed in black and white is both haunting and incredible. The photos […]

  • stevie the blind cat

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    Stevie The Blind Cat That Loves To Explore

    Stevie the cat is proving that you don’t have to be able to see to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and that just being out in the fresh air with all of the different smells and textures can be just as beautiful. Stevie lives in Cork City, Ireland with her owner, Patrick Corr, 28 […]

  • i love you poop

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    Top 10 Worst Valentine’s Gifts Ever

    Unless you want your valentine’s day to include a swift breakup, I’d recommend you stay clear of these terrible Valentine’s day gift ideas, especially number 10. 1. Novelty Toilet Paper Although guys find anything toilet related extremely funny, women are not so keen so I’d say clear of this one. 2. A Wonderful Surprise If […]

  • Titanic 2

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    The Titanic Will Sail Again In 2018

    In 1912, the British passenger liner RMS Titanic set off from Southampton on April 10th with 2,224 passengers and crew on board. On April 14th 1912, the ship hit an iceberg in the Atlantic ocean in the early hours of the morning. Titanic only carried enough life boats for 1,178 people. When the Titanic hit […]

  • Rockabilly

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    The Community Living In 1951

    The year is 2016 for the entire world, where people are glued to their phones and live in a fast paced world where we are almost always connected to the internet and drive around in electric cars charged with the electric from solar panels on the roof of the house. Then there is ┬áthe Rockabilly […]

  • Whittier

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    The Small Town Where Everyone Lives Under One Roof

    The small Alaskan town of Whittier is only 19.7 square miles, it has a population of around 218 residents and nearly all of them live under one roof. A large 14 story building is called Begich Tower was built as an army barracks but now houses nearly everyone in the town. If you’re thinking that […]

  • town name


    22 Places With Very Unusual Names

    Most places in the world have average names that we don’t even think twice about, but there are some places that have the most strange, funny and even rude names. The places on this list are all real and really do exist. Living in one of them would be great as a kid in school […]

  • travel baby

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    Meet The World’s Youngest Backpacker

    Many of us dream about travelling the world and exploring different countries and cultures, but most of us do it as adults or even during retirement. Esme was just 10 weeks old when she boarded her first plane on the start of her travels that took her all over the world on the trip of […]