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    The First Ever YouTube Video

    It’s estimated that there are now around 100 million videos hosted on YouTube, so it’s hard to imagine that the site started off with a single video. The video below was uploaded on April 2005 and is the first one ever to be uploaded to YouTube.

  • Baby in gas mask


    17 Old Photos That Will Give You Nightmares

    Many of us like looking at old photos and wonder what it would be like to have lived back then, but after looking at these photos, you may think twice. These old photos are both interesting and terrifying, but mostly terrifying. A halloween costume from 1910 A woman in the 1930’s receiving anti wrinkle treatment Two women wearing […]

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    Unintentionally Creepy Children’s Toys

    Children’s toys are supposed to be friendly, colorful and exciting, but these toys really missed the mark. These are the creepiest children’s toys we could find. Kobe Dolls These scary looking toys from 19th century Japan were carved from wood and featured a mechanism that made either their mouthes open or their tongues and eyes […]