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  • moments before disaster

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    37 Photos Taken Moments Before Disaster

    We’ve all had accidents at some time or another, but most of us haven’t had those embarrassing moments caught on film. The people in these photos had no idea they would achieve internet fame when they posed for their seemingly normal photo. The timing of these photos could not been better to catch the exact moment before the […]

  • girl and rat

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    15 Of The Most Harrowing Photos You Will Ever See

    There are many things going on in the world that make us wonder about humanity. Here are 15 of the most harrowing photos you will ever see. The Falling Man September 11th 2001 – After the twin towers were hit by two aeroplanes the unidentified man was captured falling after either falling or jumping to […]

  • Pavel Kashin

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    Photos Taken Moments Before Death

    Photos capture so many different things that we want to remember, such as birthdays, Christmas, holidays and so much more. But sometimes a photo can capture something entirely different. The photos on this list have managed to capture the last few moments before the person in them died. Carl Williams Carl Williams was an Australian […]

  • When you see it


    When Ghosts Photobomb Your Picutres

    Have you ever looked at a photo of yourself and not remembered seeing something or someone there when you took it? Well when the people in these photos had them developed they saw things that they wished they hadn’t. Ghostly figures taking a stroll Past Pupil? The hanging man  The bush demon Just a young […]

  • Baby in gas mask


    17 Old Photos That Will Give You Nightmares

    Many of us like looking at old photos and wonder what it would be like to have lived back then, but after looking at these photos, you may think twice. These old photos are both interesting and terrifying, but mostly terrifying. A halloween costume from 1910 A woman in the 1930’s receiving anti wrinkle treatment Two women wearing […]