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  • nutella souffle

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    Amazingly Simple Nutella Soufflé

    Until a couple of months ago I thought that Nutella was something that you have on toast for breakfast or on a spoon if you were feeling naughty, but I was so wrong. There are so many amazing things that you can make with Nutella. There are videos popping up all over the net with […]

  • 106 year old woman meets obama

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    106 Year Old Lady Meets The Obamas

    Meeting the President is a dream for many people, but for this 106 year old lady, it means more than most as you’ll see from her reaction. A lot has happened in 100 years, cars have become the norm, people are glued to cell phones and computers, but more than any of that, the black rights movement […]

  • crazy getting a shot

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    Funniest Reaction To Getting A Shot Ever

    No kid likes getting a shot but this little girl really, really didn’t like getting hers. She was so scared that she actually didn’t know how to react and wether to laugh, scream or cry. As it turns outs she ends up doing a bit of both and although she didn’t enjoy it, her sibling […]

  • prankster pizza face

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    Prankster Doesn’t Enjoy A Taste Of His Own Medicine

    British prankster Jack Jones has been pranking people and uploading it to his youtube channel and Facebook for a while now and for the most part his victims laugh with him, even though his phone is usually shoved in their face recording the prank and the reaction. But when the prankster is on the other […]

  • first youtube video

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    The First Ever YouTube Video

    It’s estimated that there are now around 100 million videos hosted on YouTube, so it’s hard to imagine that the site started off with a single video. The video below was uploaded on April 2005 and is the first one ever to be uploaded to YouTube.

  • pancake art

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    Amazing Pancake Art That’s Too Good To Eat

    Many of us like a pancake breakfast before the start of a long day. I’m lucky if mine come out unburned and in more or less of a roundish shape, however this guy has taken pancakes to a whole other level. It’s not exactly the fastest way to make a pancake for breakfast, but I […]

  • pandora blindfold commercial

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    Kids Find Their Mom Without Seeing Them

    It’s said that babies know their mothers voices before they are even born, and that they know how their mother scent and feel by the time that they are toddlers. These children were given the task of finding their mothers in a line of other women while blindfolded and the result is a truly beautiful […]

  • etihad one bedroom suite

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    First Class On This Airline Is A One Bedroom Apartment

    Flying on an plane these days can be a little problematic if the person sitting next to you is annoying, of if the person in front of you decides to recline their seat as soon as the seatbelt sign goes off and leaves it reclined until the seatbelt sign comes on again for landing. People […]