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The Titanic Will Sail Again In 2018

Titanic 2
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In 1912, the British passenger liner RMS Titanic set off from Southampton on April 10th with 2,224 passengers and crew on board. On April 14th 1912, the ship hit an iceberg in the Atlantic ocean in the early hours of the morning. Titanic only carried enough life boats for 1,178 people. When the Titanic hit the iceberg it was around 375 miles south of Newfoundland and the collision caused irreparable damage to the ship’s hull plates. Five of her sixteen watertight compartments were damaged eventually causing the ship to sink around 3 hours after the collision.

titanic 2

Many of the passengers were evacuated onto lifeboats that were only half full leading to many unnecessary deaths. When the news broke the next day, it shocked the world. The unsinkable ship had sunk and more than 1,500 passengers and crew had perished with the ship.

The Titanic still sits at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean over 100 years after it sank, untouched.

titanic 2

But now, there is a new Titanic, the Titanic II and it’s set to sail in 2018. The ¬£300 million replica ship is the project of Australian billionaire Clive Palmer.

Clive owns the company Blue Star Line and plans to launch the ship in 2018 as an exact replica of the original with the addition of modern safety and navigation features. The Titanic II will be exactly the same size at 270 metres long and 53 meters high and will offer first, second and third class tickets.

The staircase of RMS Titanic

titanic 2

Staircase of Titanic II

titanic 2

RMS Titanic

titanic 2

Titanic II

titanic 2

To keep up to date on the progress of Titanic II, check out their website

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