What is tattooing?
Tattooing is basically a sharp needle covered in pigment that repeatedly pierces your skin to
make the image you want. Tattooing has been around in different forms for hundreds of years.
Tattooing obviously causes some pain and discomfort, but just how much depends on a few
things such as your pain tolerance, the type of tattoo that you get and the area that you have the
tattooed. Some people say that they hardly felt anything when they had one and others say that
it was the most painful thing they have ever experienced. So we’re going to go through the
most and least painful places to get a tattoo as voted by people who have already gone through
the experience and a little bit of science.

Ranked number one for the most painful areas to get tattooed is the armpit. Most tattoo artists
would discourage you from getting a tattoo in this area because of the pain.

Rib Cage
With there being almost no fat covering the rib cage and the skin being extremely thin makes
this a very painful area, add to this the fact that your ribs and the skin on them move every time
you take a breath, it’s a painful and difficult area to tattoo.

Shins and Ankles
Shins and ankles also have a very thin layer of skin covering and hurt almost as much as the
ribcage, with some people saying that they felt it hurt more.

Nipples and Breasts
With both nipples and breasts being so sensitive, it would make sense that a tattoo on this area
would be very painful.

Your groin is another very painful place to get a tattoo as the area is filled with nerve endings.
These nerve endings can be easily irritated by the tattooing needle.

Elbows and Kneecaps
Although the skin covering your elbows and kneecaps can appear tough, the bones lie just
beneath the skin and when the vibrations of the tattooing needle start, it can cause severe pain.

Behind the Knees
Unlike the skin covering your kneecaps, the skin behind your knee is very stretchy and loose,
add to this the many nerve endings and you have another, very painful place for a tattoo.

The hip is another bone that lays just under the skin making the tattooing process really painful
and uncomfortable, particularly if you are quite thin and don’t have much fat in that area.

Neck and spine
Both the neck and spine are very sensitive and only have a very thin layer of skin covering

Head, Face and Ears
Your head, face and ears are covered in nerve endings and very thin skin, the lack of fat on any
of these areas does not help the matter.

Your lips are covered with many nerve endings making them super sensitive, couple this with
the loose skin and the fact that your lips are quite likely to bleed and bruise, this makes getting
your lips tattooed very painful.

So, if you do decide to get a tattoo, it’s going to hurt, but there some places that hurt much more
than others!